Update 1.9 for Tyto Ecology

Update 1.9 for Tyto Ecology

We’re very excited to announce that Tyto Ecology’s 1.9 update is one of our biggest yet! So excited, in fact, that we’ve prepared a video and change list for you to peruse. Here’s hoping this patch agrees with you, and that it betters your in-game experience even further.

Week by Week

  • Time passes a week at a time now, as opposed to a day at a time, making the game 7x faster.
  • As such, hunger and starvation rates have been increased.
  • Certain animals have had their brood sizes reduced.
  • Leaf points and fruit points increased.
  • Players now receive coins every month as opposed to every week. This equates to more coins earned in real time.
  • You can now skip three months, six months, or a year at a time.

Welcome to the Plant Fields

  • Grass-type plants (Galleta Grass, Blue Grama Grass, Buffalo Grass, Blue Poppy, Himalayan Fairy Grass) now spawn in territory-like fields.
  • They’ll reproduce within their fields until they hit their max leaf count, dictated by their max capacity.
  • When max leaf count is hit, they’ll then split into a new field, unless there’s no more room to grow.
  • This change should allow for a performance boost across all users. However, the change is not fully retroactive. Your pre-1.9 biodomes that contain grasses will have them be treated as plant fields, but only for every plant.

Features Added; Tweaks Tweaked

  • Herbivores and insectivores now have a more randomized eating algorithm, so that mushrooms may live.
  • Speaking of, mushrooms now prompt notifications at a lower threshold.
  • Everyone’s saves have been reset to “No Time Passed”, as to not have you wake to obliterated biodomes.

Bugs in Memoriam

  • Three digit notification numbers now fit in the notification badge.
  • Dead animals tell no tales, nor do they make a sound when you click on them.
  • Agave plants no longer reproduce as babies.
  • Animal territories will no longer split into the central tower.
  • Biodex biome selection text is now fitted properly.
  • Trimmed off names that have a space at the beginning or end of their name.

Have a good one!


Kevin Wise

Kevin Wise

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