Tyto Online Trailer Launch!

We are thrilled today to re-announce Tyto Online, the game that this company was founded to create. In Tyto Online, you explore a futuristic, alien planet as you solve problems and complete quests, learning real-world science with your friends!

Enjoy the trailer of the new version of Tyto Online!

Timeline & Development

In August 2014 we completed a successful Kickstarter for Tyto Online, with over 300 early backers who believe in what we’re working to accomplish. After heading deeper into development with the new funds, we quickly realized that our ambitious goals needed to be approached in smaller steps. We decided to take a small piece of Tyto Online’s gameplay, the create-your-own ecosystem portion, and release that as its own stand-alone, offline game. Releasing this first game was a tremendous learning experience for us. It gave us useful insight into what players would enjoy the most, what releasing a much larger game would entail, and taught us how to manage users and maintain a lively community around our product. It also allowed us to grow as a team so that we can tackle more complex challenges in the future.

That game, Tyto Ecology, launched earlier this year, as many of you know. We’ve been releasing patches and building a great game and awesome community with it ever since. Of course, our ultimate goal was always to launch our multiplayer online game, Tyto Online, and to keep expanding its content from there by adding to its single, cohesive gameworld.

With everything we learned through building Tyto Ecology, we have re-built Tyto Online from the ground up. The art for this began in pre-development exploration back in late 2015. We tested an updated prototype February-March of this year, and then used what we learned to build it in a much more scalable way from there. We now have an awesome toolset that we’ll be using to add content and build out the game.


Early Access

A game like Tyto Online takes a lot of time and resources to craft. We’re an early stage independent studio, and we’ve accomplished a lot with the support of our Kickstarter backers, early investors, and the revenues from our fantastic Tyto Ecology players.  We decided we want to keep building like this, in close communication with our player base, and so we’re going to be launching Tyto Online in early access. This is planned right now for this November, just two short months away!

What this means is that the game will still be in very active development. We will be planning updates every two weeks, with the early player base helping to shape the direction of the game.  We’re still working on an exact model and price for supporting this, but it will likely involve a reduced-price subscription that will help us with the financial resources needed to continue developing the game.
We wanted to also take this unique opportunity to provide even more benefit for our users. Alongside the early access game, we’ll be providing an awesome learning experience on the process of developing a video game. Our early access players will be receiving regular behind-the-scenes information, get to learn about all the jobs and roles involved in making a video game, give us feedback and vote on what we do next, and even participate in exclusive live sessions with the developers.

Check out the new Tyto Online website and sign up to be notified as we release more information. We look forward to continuing to build an awesome game with you all!

We also have launched a Steam Greenlight campaign today. Steam is a huge digital distributor and we must receive enough votes for them to decide to “greenlight” us to release on their platform, so if you have a Steam account, please head over and contribute your voice!


Lindsey Tropf

Lindsey Tropf

Founder & CEO of @immersedgames // School psychology doctoral candidate interested in #edtech, game-based learning, and using data.

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