Tyto Online Early Access Launched

Tyto Online Early Access Launched

We are thrilled to announce that our Early Access version of Tyto Online is now live!

Tyto Online is a MMORPG where you play as an evacuee from the now uninhabitable Earth. You’re settling on the planet Ovo to study at Tyto Academy as you establish your new life. Explore and complete quests while learning real science concepts.

Because we are launching now, we also have a 20% off discount for the next week only! This brings the game to $19.99 right now.  The way the pricing works — at full launch, it will have a subscription, so you’re pre-purchasing your first 3 months’ subscription, but all the early access game time until then is included. The earlier you buy, the more time you get during early access.  We do expect some real bugs and issues right now, so the discount is definitely a thank you for helping us figure that out now!


What does Early Access mean?

Tyto Online is still active in development, and people who join during Early Access get to help shape the process!  This means giving feedback, voting on the next features, reporting bugs, coming up with new ideas, doing live streams with the developers, and more.  This also means the product itself is still going to be buggy and incomplete, so if you’re wanting a completely polished experience, you should wait for the full launch in summer/fall of 2017.  Read more about our early access process here.

Links & More Info:

View the game website and buy there:

View the Steam store page:





Lindsey Tropf

Lindsey Tropf

Founder & CEO of @immersedgames // School psychology doctoral candidate interested in #edtech, game-based learning, and using data.

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