Tyto Ecology Steam and an EDU Version Now Available!

[UPDATE: Tyto Ecology is no longer available on iPads, and is only available on PC/Mac via Steam.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough visibility on iPad to have sales to continue to support that platform.]
Due to user request, we have released two new versions of Tyto Ecology! Our first game was released in January on the iPad, and now we have come out with a version for Steam, as well as an all-inclusive EDU version for the iPad.

Steam Greenlight (download here!)

We submitted our game to be Greenlit by Steam in late 2015, and the positive response went way beyond our expectations. After a lot of hard work, Tyto Ecology is now available for both Mac and PC for $6.99 (and it’s 15% off for the first week)! This version includes the Desert biome, as well as the Grasslands and Rainforest expansions. These biomes incorporate over 70 plants and animals into the game, which you can place as you choose!

We’ve also made some other changes to ensure great computer gameplay:
– Completely re-mastered camera controller for keyboard and mouse interactions.
– Upgraded the Strategic View so that you can move the camera from above (frequently requested feature)!
– Upgraded many plant models to take advantage of PC processing power and make the game look better on a larger screen.
– You can now have up to 12 users saved on one computer. This was so that multiple people can share a computer without using each other’s coins or earning achievements for each other!
– We’ve added convenient key bindings so you can interact even faster now.


Tyto Ecology EDU for iPad (download here!)

Our Tyto Ecology EDU version is now available for the iPad, as well! This was created at the request of a teacher who wanted to use the game for multiple kids per iPad, and with all three biodomes, but school group purchasing won’t allow for in-app purchases.

So, we made some adjustments to the original game, and now, for just $3.99, you can get both of the expansions (Grasslands and Rainforest) up front, eliminating the need for any in-app purchases. And, like the Steam version, EDU supports 12 users on one device with separate accounts. This is convenient for classrooms because each student can have his or her own achievements, coins, and multiple biodomes. For the same reason, it’s also good for parents at home who have more than one child. Just like the original game, it can be downloaded on all iPad Air models, iPad Mini 2 & up, and iPad Pro from the iOS App store.


As Immersed, we want to create games that educate and entertain. Tyto Ecology allows children and students to learn about ecology while crafting their own environment. It’s just the first step, though, as we plan to release an online game, Tyto Online, where students and other players can interact and help solve problems in the virtual world.

You can follow us on our Facebook and Twitter as we try to change the way that we learn.


Jeremy Zhen

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