Time to Reboot!

Time to Reboot!

After the successful Kickstarter campaign, we knew that our work was only just beginning. Everyone was working longer, harder and more efficiently. We recruited many new interns since the fall, and they had been great with handling their assignments as we pushed to make deadlines.

In this picture, some members of our programming team were having a meeting on new design mechanics. Don’t be fooled by the blank looks on their faces- they are having lots of fun. Really.

Photo Nov 17, 5 57 01 PM

As most of you know, we relocated to Starter Space in July. Starer Space provided a great community of fellow startups to interact with and bounce ideas off of while developing the ventures. As tasks became more urgent, it had become a necessity for everyone to spend more time in the office. But with all of our new members, the space we previously had made it challenging to coordinate meetings and development sessions without feeling cramped. After negotiating with Starter Space we agreed to move downstairs!

Hang in there Ryan!

The official move began the Monday after Start-Up Weekend. Lindsey, Ryan, Sam and Glenn immediately started making designs for our new set up. They had big dreams, and the space actually seemed to be coming along quite nicely after just a few days.

Photo Nov 18, 8 04 18 PM

After settling in the downstairs loft for only three months, the team got notice that we would be moving again. So on February 7th, we took down our glorious set up and started the moving process to the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency.  On the upside, there is a parking lot for our employees and interns, as well as an awesome snack station set-up and some already built-in conference rooms for meetings! Hopefully now we can get a bit more settled in.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think of our new space!


Veronica Hernandez

UX Design at Immersed Games; Digital Arts and Sciences Student at the University of Florida.

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