The Tyto Ecology 1.4 Update is Here!

The Tyto Ecology 1.4 Update is Here!

[UPDATE: Tyto Ecology is no longer available on iPads, and is only available on PC/Mac via Steam.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough visibility on iPad to have sales to continue to support that platform.]

We have recently released Tyto Ecology version 1.4 on the App Store. This update added some new features to the game that were focused more on playability than bug fixes! Below is a video and list on what has changed in our game. Enjoy!

 Bullet Points

    • You can now change how much time can pass while you are away from your biodome — previously, it was always a week. Now, you can set it to None, 1 Week (Easy), 1 Month (Medium), and 3 Months (Hard). On the plus side, it lets you get a lot further and grow your ecosystem faster. It’s good to remember, however, that things can die and you cannot revert that time, so only advance the time when you’re confident that your ecosystem can handle it!


    • Now the entire entry for a plant or animal in the Add Life menu is a button, instead of just the tiny currency button at the bottom. We love it and we know you will too!


    • Notifications within the game have been categorized, so now it will group identical notifications into one that tells you multiple groups are impacted. This will only give you one notification per event. We wanted to reduce the ‘spamminess’ of notifications when an area was having a problem to make it more usable.


    • Push Notifications were added if you want a reminder when a week (at least) has passed in the game. This tells you when new coins and impact points are available.


    • We added a Feedback Mechanism that will pop up after a week — you can leave a review or tell us what you aren’t enjoying directly from the app. We want to hear from people; we have users but we’re not getting much feedback to let us know what you would like to see in the game!


    • Our selection indicator was changed from a circle on the ground (which had some visual issues) to a highlight of the specific plant or animal that was tapped on.


    • We polished the Data Tool, Tutorial, and Weekly Income popup. Let us know if you like the changes!


    • Yellow Footed Tortoises can now properly scavenge and are considered herbivores, as they should be!


  • We also fixed some smaller bugs and crashes that were being reported.


Jeremy Zhen

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