Tales from Tyto

Tales from Tyto

We have had an outpouring of support since Tyto Ecology was released on the Steam store! A bunch of community members have posted great screenshots and stories about what has happened in their biodomes. In the office, we’ve been laughing at some of the funny ones, and we wanted to share these with you! Enjoy!


Steam user Jynn has been very active in our community and probably one of our favorite stories comes from them. Their ecosystem was ravaged by a fox duo, so they added 5 or so mouse territories. When they logged on later, they found what they call a mouse-ageddon:

“Reached Detritus Level 4….nature will take its course soon” – Jynn

Last we heard, the ecosystem had become more stable, and the zones were recovering…

Seri! Pixel Biologist!

This YouTuber has been playing Tyto Ecology on her channel. She went through the tutorial and played around a bit in her first episode. When she came back to record her second episode, her entire biodome had died out. As she says, she was working hard behind the scenes to get Tyto Coins and you can see what happened when she returned:


One of our other favorite screenshot-posters is Steam user Bunny4Life. She has posted about 30 screenshots to our community hub of…you guessed it…bunnies!

A Bunny4Life screenshot

Prairie Blazing Star Bug

So, we had a bug. The prairie blazing star would not stop reproducing. It looked really pretty, but was not so great for the biodomes. Don’t worry, we have it fixed now, but user pgrace took some screenshots of it when it overran their biodome:

Pretty, right?


User Seascabs took his ecosystem very seriously. He decided to place anthills all over his desert biome, and his biodome seems to be thriving with the tough little insects alone.

“Ants, the answer to our ecological needs. 100% self sufficient, they can colonize even a barren desert.” – Seascabs

Thank you all for the support! If any of you had any fun stories to share, let us know! The office loves these stories and we look forward to hearing them!


Jeremy Zhen

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