Tales from Tyto: Himalayas

Tales from Tyto: Himalayas

We’re always excited to see what the community is able to do with the content we make, and the Himalayas expansion allowed us to see even more of it! In our previous Tales from Tyto post, we had featured some funny stories and videos, and now that the Himalayas expansion has been out for a few days, we wanted to show off some more of your creations! Here are a few of them:

A Panda’s Paradise

Red pandas, to be precise. BestInSlot is one of our favorite YouTubers to watch simply because of his unbridled enthusiasm for all things nature. Watching him react to the pika and red panda in-game further enforced why we love doing what we do. And he drops some great tips on how to realize your ideal biodome! Give it a watch if you want in on some of that knowledge, or if you just want to have fun.

Et tu, Brulius?

With the new, vibrant sky, the colorful flowers, and the unique animals, the pictures taken in the game have never been more beautiful. We have seen many wonderful screenshots of your new Himalayan biodomes, and Steam user Brulius [Qc] has posted a lot themselves. We wanted to feature some of their screenshots because they are incredible (so much so that we even have one of them set as the header image). You can check out their full gallery of Tyto Ecology screenshots (along with other games they’ve been playing) here

They really know how to make the biodome look pretty!

Elephantine Cycles

One of the main reasons we created Tyto Ecology was to make an accurate ecology simulator that could teach people about the real world. Steam user mbiggiani followed the cycle of life between the elephants and the Himalayan fairy grass. The cycle was exactly how the relationship between a consumer and producer is portrayed in real life. In their biodome, there was too much Himalayan fairy grass, so he introduced elephants into the environment. They ate all of the plants and then died of starvation. After time passed, the fairy grass reappeared and the cycle continued. You can read their whole post with screenshots here.

Elephants: vacuum cleaners of the Himalayas.

Gray’s Quest

Much like BestInSlotGrayStillPlays is yet another YouTuber we are always excited to watch. He has the ability to improvise these wonderful short stories spurred on by the A.I. naturally interacting in the world, and we always appreciate that imaginative spark. Plus, he doesn’t shy away from the biodex, showcasing that information for his viewers. Check out his video, and join him on his quest of acquiring bengal tigers, discovering Chinese pangolins, and saving the last-known elephant of his biodome.

Or, you know, just watching it die.

Mouse-ageddon 2: The Reckoning

We warned youImaginaMagica. We warned you, and you didn’t listen. This is the price you must pay. This is a price paid only in mice.


“And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, ‘Squeak!'”

Send in the Badgers

This one is actually a review, but we enjoyed Neemulus‘ story about the inner machinations of their biodome so much that we just had to share it. In the form of diary entries, it chronicles the merciless bouts of nature:

Neemulus’ Log

“So…I’ve had a bit of a crack at this [referring to Tyto Ecology], and so far I like it.

– Dropped plants and vegetation.

– Added mice and antelope.

– They eat my plants.

– Add bobcats to ‘curb’ the population.

– Add bees to pollinate and propagate plants.

– Add tortoise, armadillo’s and a few others…for variety.

– All goes well….

Before long….

– Mice are everywhere.

– All plants eaten, meaning everything (except mice) are dead or dying.

– Deploy snakes to curb the mouse population.

– Quickly drop as much vegetation as possible.

– Mice decimate bee population.

– Add more snakes to try to calm the little chaps down.

– Snakes don’t eat quickly enough.

– Deploy the heavies – the badger – to try to control mice.

– Badgers doing their job, but it’s a long healing process….


– Cougars waiting in the wings in case badgers get full of themselves.”

mbiggianiWatch it, badger.


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