Part V | Motivations for Game-Based Learning

Part V | Motivations for Game-Based Learning

Part V of Dissertation Research Series

The goal of educators is producing motivated learners who are excited to learn, enjoying the process, trying hard, and persisting through difficulties (Garris, Ahlers, & Driskell, 2002). Games are difficult. They require deep learning as users discover the ruleset and mechanics in order to beat a game, yet games produce exactly this motivated state.  They sell millions of copies as gamers are so inherently motivated that they will spend hundreds of hours playing the game (and pay for the experience) (Gee, 2007). In contrast, schools have difficulty motivating students to learn, with middle and high school students reporting being bored 50-70%of the time they are in school (Prensky, 2012).

It is this motivational strength of games and the idea that play itself is motivating that has led so many to pursue the use of games for learning (Prensky, 2006).

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