One Spark Reflection

One Spark Reflection

One Spark last week was absolutely amazing; just now recovering and getting to writing a post about it (although if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve seen quite a bit about it)!

It was our first time really going out into the public to talk about our idea.  We were armed with our iPads for newsletter sign ups based on who you were (parent, educator, student, investor) and some questions we wanted customer validation on (people do want to play a game like this, right?  They’d pay for it?  Would they be okay with sponsorships to help with the cost?).

Over 44 hours of talking to people over 5 days and we’re thrilled about the overwhelmingly positive response we got.

When we entered, we had no thoughts of “winning” anything from their $250,000 crowdfund because with so many Creators we knew it would be highly distributed (which it was; the top winner, an incredible non-profit with tons of people on the ground, got less than 3% of the vote).  Now that the preliminary results are in, we do know we were 48th in votes out of ~480 Creators.  That’s 3rd in gaming right behind our friends at GAAM.  It’s not tons of money, but does help cover costs for the booth and week in Jacksonville.  When else can you talk to people for 5 days straight for free?  Perfect result for us!

We were also featured a couple places with some interviews. has a profile with an interview here. Watch the interview below:



Nibletz also wrote an article and did a video interview that you can find here.

My favorite line from the article is:
[quote style=”1″]Immersed Games is relying on the addictive nature of MMORPG games to keep students coming back and learning more.[/quote]


A nearby Creator was the Bluestocking Residency Poetry Depot, who wrote us this inspiring poem about our game we wanted to share, too:



We presented more about what we are doing at One Spark than we had previously shared, so keep an eye out as we add more to the website over the next weeks, too!

Also, if you weren’t there but want to be subscribed to the newsletter, we added the sign up to the footer of the website.


Lindsey Tropf

Lindsey Tropf

Founder & CEO of @immersedgames // School psychology doctoral candidate interested in #edtech, game-based learning, and using data.

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