Immtern Highlight: Lindsey Garland

Immtern Highlight: Lindsey Garland

Lindsey Garland, Content Marketing/Digital Media Intern

What made you want to work at Immersed Games?
I wanted to work for Immersed Games because I believe in their mission to engage youth in learning through video games.

I am an advertising major at the University of Florida.

Before working at Immersed Games, I was a videographer and editor at Do Good Media, a local marketing agency in my hometown. While working at Do Good Media, I gained diverse experience in Adobe Creative Suite, marketing, design and ads.

What is the coolest thing about working at Immersed Games?  What have you learned?
Immersed Games is awesome! The atmosphere is very creative, fun, energetic and laid back. I have learned a lot about the video game industry, and I have learned some new things about marketing.

What is an interesting fact about you?
I had the privilege to film and edit a commercial that aired on a local TV station in my hometown.


Veronica Hernandez

UX Design at Immersed Games; Digital Arts and Sciences Student at the University of Florida.

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