If the Immersed Staff Were Video Game Characters…

If the Immersed Staff Were Video Game Characters…

For gamers, playing video games is more than just having fun; it transports us into a whole other world. In this world, anything is possible: you can pilot a rocket ship through the galaxies, be a medieval knight who commands an army, or race through a desert against real people half of the world away. So, we wondered who some of our staff members would choose if they could be a character from any video game. Here is what they said:

Nick Galjanic

“I would want to be Ezio Auditore, from the Assassin’s Creed series.

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Ezio is an amazing videogame hero, who makes an interesting journey from immature teenager to wise master assassin. I admire him a lot as a character because he learns so much to become a great leader, one who never uses people to further his ends, but instead helps them to better themselves. I aspire to be something like this every day.”

Sahar Kausar

“If I could be any character from a video game, I would like to be Ling Xiaoyu from the Tekken franchise.

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Growing up, I loved playing Tekken and I always would want to pick Xiaoyu. She always had the best outfits and her character portrayal was always optimistic. She was fun, nice to the other characters in the game, and went out of her way for others whether she was in school or serving as a panda caretaker. I grew up learning martial arts and I would even imitate her fighting style in real life too! I think she was always a cool role model for me in a way. She exemplifies someone who has a very calm and cute demeanor on the outside but is a strong and talented martial artist on the inside. Many people don’t know this about her and I found myself personifying these attributes in my own life too.”

Clint Ferguson

“If I could be any character, it would be Steve from Minecraft.

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With Steve, you can be anyone. A builder, adventurer, farmer, raid member; it’s up to you. I like designing video games with Steve and building towns.”

Samuel Sewall

“It’s really a split between Cloud and Sephiroth.

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I love the idea of being the one who slays the inhumanly powerful enemy that represents everything evil and beyond comprehension. But at the same time, I like Sephiroth as occasionally there are days that I’d love to be that Deus Ex Machina and just annihilate all obstacles before me.  I’m probably leaning towards Sephiroth, though.”

Jeremy Zhen

“I would love to be Red from the Pokémon franchise.

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My first video game was Pokémon Blue and I’ve been absorbed into that world ever since. Every iteration of the game adds more creatures to catch and more places to explore. Going on a long journey to befriend Pokémon and people along the way would be a dream. Being Red, the most powerful trainer in the land, would just be a bonus. But, I’d honestly be content with being any trainer in the Pokémon universe.”

April Ray

“I would want to be Alyx Vance.

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Strong, intelligent, and able to fight when needed, while still staying optimistic. It is hard with all the horrible events of Half Life 2 to stay optimistic and have a sense of humor, but she finds a way. She works hard to save as many people she can and many times puts Gordon and others’ safety before her own. She is a great female character that I have always loved. Also, who wouldn’t want to have Dog, her robotic protection pet!”

Be sure to let us know which character you would want to be!


Jeremy Zhen

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