Making a game for deep, empowering learning experiences.

We’re a young company of gamers excited to be making the learning game we wish we had growing up, a game that actually uses game mechanics to empower problem solving and experimental learning.

We are taking advantage of the full power of the medium.

Engage in problem solving. Explore a new world. Stumble on amazing new learning opportunities.  It’s time to have the same deep experiences we have with commercial games, while learning.

Tyto Ecology

Available for PC/Mac via Steam

Build and create your own ecosystem in a biodome, starting by adding producers, consumers, and then predators. As it grows, be sure to manage pollinators or decomposers if you want the ecosystem to thrive! You’ll also need to start using the data tools to better manage everything inside!

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Tyto Online

In Development

A massively multiplayer online game where students complete quests and engage in sandbox-like learning applications. Students play as Tyto Academy students who have been recruited to a new planet, Ovo, where they begin new lives helping the scientists after Earth has been devastated.

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We are building Tyto Online as a learning platform, including a data dashboard to help understand the learning happening in the game, and related activities to link it to the real world.  We started with Tyto Ecology as a proof of concept for our sandbox/re-playable parts of Tyto Online, learning from our engagement data so that Tyto Online is even better.

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