Small team, Big impact

We have a dedicated team working together
to improve learning experiences for kids.

Our Culture

We understand the impact of our company culture and actively shape our environment to support or team! Our goal is for team members to love coming into work each day and be part of a group that wants to see members grow both professionally and personally. We are an open, progressive bunch with a mission that drives us to get outside of our comfort zone, learn new things, and impact a generation of young people.


We encourage team members to be direct, to accept each other’s honest opinions and have an open discussion.

Life-Long Learning

We place a high value on life-long learning and growth, personally & professionally.

Embrace Positivity

Embrace it!  Fun is expected, enjoyment is to be had, and being jovial is not frowned upon.

Challenge Anything

Nothing, and no particular person’s ideas, are beyond reproach or changing. We can only be original if we don’t accept the ‘way it’s always been done.’


Empowering our people to be bold in every decision, conveyed in the way we build every piece of our product.

Pay it Forward

Give back to the community, to training other people, to contributing in any way you can to continue the good happening in the world.

Open Positions

Buffalo, NY: Game Programmer.  View job listing here.

Buffalo, NY: NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Science Education.  View job listing here.

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Internship Program

We accept limited interns at the moment, and do not have any paid interhsips available.

When we do accept interns, we make sure that the internship is beneficial to you, provides you with many learning and development opportunities, and lets you take real ownership of projects.

We have weekly team meetings and also meet as a company-wide group monthly to discuss business aspects, share accomplishments, and share more between groups.

Types of Internships:

  • + Concept Artist
  • + Modeling, Rigging, & Animation
  • + Texturing
  • + UX/UI Designer
  • + Marketing
  • + Videography
  • + Gameplay Programming
  • + Security Programming

Interested in a learning internship? Contact Ryan
Or email directly with

Please be sure to include your portfolio and what your learning goal of an internship with us would be.

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