About us.

Immersed Games is an early stage ed tech startup with an audacious vision
of how games can be used to empower student learning.


While Lindsey Tropf was first inspired when she was playing World of Warcraft years ago, we began building our first prototype January of 2014.

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We want to build an inspiration platform where students can spark their love of learning and be empowered to reach their full potential.

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We released a smaller game to test core gameplay April 2016, and are now working towards early access for our online game.

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The Founding Story

I realized how much we had learned, simply through the act of play.

– Lindsey Tropf, Founder & CEO

One day, while playing World of Warcraft, I turned to my husband Ryan and asked where to find something. When he rattled off the right character, in the right city, on the right continent of the game, it was then that I realized how much we had learned, simply through the act of play. While I knew so much, not much of it really mattered outside of the game world.

I became enamored with the idea, and then as I went through my doctoral program and studied learning theory, I increasingly realized what a perfect model an online game could provide for a learning platform.

After not seeing anything out there taking advantage of the full power of the medium, I was driven to create myself — and so, Immersed Games was born.

Our team.


Lindsey Tropf


Previously ABD (all-but-dissertation) doctoral candidate in School Psychology at UF with expertise in program evaluation and statistics. Now leads the company and educational design.

Caroline Lamarque

Creative Director

Creates quests and story, generates 2D art, and builds a consistent world experience. Has a Masters in English (Creative Writing) from Brockport; previously a freelance artist, as well!


Ryan Tropf

Operations & HR

BA in Management from UF with 10 years of sales management experience at Best Buy & Apple. Handles operations, IT, and HR — making sure everyone is happy!

Jeremy Baker

Lead Programmer

Manages our unified Game + Web Development team members, working anywhere he’s needed across teams. Holds a BS in Computer Science from UF.

Florencia Bonarto

Lead 3D Artist

Manages the art pipeline, and creates 3D art (focusing on characters), and is an overall cultural cornerstone for us! BS in Digital Arts and Sciences from UF.

Holly Pope, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

Holly is supported by a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship funded by the National Science Foundation, focusing on researching implementation models for Tyto within schools.


Nick Galjanić

Technical Designer

Primarily works in Blueprints in UE4 to create our player interactions in the game, including all user interfaces. Masters in Game Design from FIEA.

Aubrey Rushe

Game Designer

Primary game designer for many projects, such as the Drakonarium, National Science Foundation Expeditions grant, and the new Weather & Climate Sandbox. Game Design degree from Digipen.

Christopher “Topher” McCants

3D Modeler

Generalist 3D Modeler who primarily focuses on environmental art, creating props and levels, and also optimization tasks. Holds a degree in Game Design and Art from Fullsail. 

Kailin Yang

UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Designer focusing on making the product intuitive and easy-to-use for our users with the art and science of User Experience. Masters in Human Computer Interaction/Design from Indiana University.

Vincent copy

Chuan-Wei “Vincent” Sun

Game Programmer

Game Programmer with specialties in graphics and gameplay programming, often works on optimizations and simulations. Masters in Computer Science from OSU and Taiwan University.

Kevin Wise

Technical Artist

Handles a variety of creation needs including technical art and animation implementations, shaders, lighting, optimizations, sound, cinematics, and effects. Telecommunications degree from UF.

Peter Theryo

Web Developer

Works on web-based needs, including the Teacher Dashboard and assessment tools, and internal content creation tools. Holds a BS in Computer Science from UF.

Andrew Goh

2D Art + Animation

Game artist who focuses on all our 2D art needs (concept art, textures, illustrations) and animation/cinematic work. Previously with Telltale Games, and holds a degree in Animation from SCAD.

Nathaniel Marshall

Game Programmer

Game Programmer who has helped create simulations, gameplay functionality, launcher/installer systems, and more! Game Design degree from Digipen.

Thank you to so many people


We were with Starter Space starting the week before our Kickstarter launched. They provided us subsidized office before we could afford it, let us host our Kickstarter launch party and over events, and Quang Tran and Payal Khurana have been great supporters as we developed.


The CEI has provided learning (especially through the UF Big Idea Competition), accelerated financial learning, improved our pitch, and provided opportunities to connect with investors. Michael Morris, Nola Miyasaki, Jamie Kraft, and Ted Astleford are incredible professors.


Santa Fe’s CIED is the first group in town we made connections with, having access to their shared spaces for our weekly meetings and growing our internship team.  Dug Jones, Bill Dorman, and the team have been an incredible support as we grow.

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