10 Steam Games That Your Child Can Learn From

10 Steam Games That Your Child Can Learn From

When it comes to learning through video games, there is a lot of criticism and naysaying. Many people call them “mind-rotting” or “a waste of time,” but when games are made for teaching, people call them “boring.” However, many popular games on Steam, a personal gaming library, can teach children surprisingly well, and they’ll have tons of fun doing it!

We have compiled a short list of these games that cover a broad array of subjects.

1. Kerbal Space Program
Current price: $39.99


Create and launch your own rockets on missions you plan! This game lets you travel to a variety of planets, which are loosely based on our own solar system, and teaches rocketeers about physical forces and their effect on mass. They also are able to engineer their own rockets that might or might not make it off of the launch pad!

2. Sokobond

Current price: $9.99


This puzzle game has players create chemical compounds by simply attaching molecules with their correct bonds. Not only does it develop critical thinking skills, as most puzzle games do, it also teaches the basics of chemistry in a fun and interesting way!

3. Game Dev Tycoon

Current price: $9.99


As any classic tycoon-style game, this game has the players found their own fictional company and follow its rise to the top. Being the CEO of the company, which starts in a garage, you create various video game titles and are taught about business and money management, as well as putting creativity to the test. Many products can fail for any number of reasons, so it’s important to be innovative!

4. Portal and Portal 2

Current prices: $9.99 and $19.99


Arguably one of the most well-known game series available on Steam, Portal and Portal 2 are physics-based puzzle games. The goal is to have players move a cube to the end of a level by putting their mind to the test and placing portals on any surface they can. With its engaging story and interesting mechanics, kids are taught about trajectories, acceleration, and many other forces!

5. Civilization Series

Current price: $29.99


This critically acclaimed series has many iterations, the most famous of which focus on real-life countries and their social relationships. You control a country from their beginning and plot your rise to power in any way you can: democracy, warfare, or otherwise! Civilization teaches about politics, geography, history, and helps develop critical thinking and strategy skills all in an effort to take over the world.

6. Elegy For A Dead World

Current price: $14.99


The apocalypse came, and your character is walking through the remains. Starting you off with pre-selected prompts, the player creates their own end to the story of the fate of the world through critical writing. The author can then upload their stories and view other players’ tales as well!

7. Wildlife Park series

Current price: $6.99


Start up and maintain the balance of your own zoo with the Wildlife Park games. Playing as the manager of a zoo, you choose the animals, attractions, and employees as you watch your business flourish! There are also many expansion packs for these games that allow you to explore a variety of wildlife options.

8. A New Beginning

Current price: $9.99


Global warming is at an all time high in this point-and-click adventure and it’s up to your team to figure out what or who is responsible! The story-driven mystery focuses on environmental themes and requires critical thinking to solve its many puzzles.

9. Poly Bridge

Current price: $11.99


This highly stylized bridge-builder puts the player’s engineering skills to the test as they forge structures for various vehicles to cross. Gravity, stress, and velocity are only a few of the mechanics at work in this game. There are endless levels to play, because players can design and play other people’s challenges!

10. Spore

Current price: $19.99


Give life to a brand new species as you start off as a single-celled organism and evolve into the most dominant creatures in the universe. Through various stages of biology and society, your culture grows and interacts with other civilizations as you learn about politics and the balance of nature. Their creature creator also allows you to create infinite amounts and types of critters in any way you so desire!

This list is just barely scraping the surface of what games can do for learning. Video games can be a valuable tool for any subject, and some great games that also teach are available right on the Steam store.  We hope you enjoy!


Jeremy Zhen


01. Don Rua

tnx for the info on these Steam ‘learning’ games. I play UT GOY on Steam … a lot! These games will be a nice addition to my son’s play list. Good blog!

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